How to Survive COVID-19

Welcome to our second blog as I’m sure you can tell from the title we will be giving advice and ideas to help you survive COVID-19 and no I don’t mean injecting yourself with disinfectant, let’s leave that for the tables.

In preparation for this blog I asked my partner Iain for some top tip ideas, he came out with:

If you‘re shut don’t buy stuff! and if you don’t need it don’t buy it!

I can tell your beginning to understand why I write this blog.

Our Top Tips:

1. Cost Control:

What you purchase has never been more important, the last thing you need to be doing is wasting anything, except for ice I’m all for setting up a protest group to dump ice outside of Westminister #flooddowningstreet

2. Talk to your suppliers:

Get in touch with your suppliers and see if you can send any stock back, if you find that you have excess stock or speak to them about your payment terms and see if you can spread the cost of payments.

3. How many PDQ machines do you have?

if you are not using all of your card machines at the moment, speak to your provider about decreasing or returning machines not current being used as mostly likely you pay per machine.

4. Have you looked into offering a takeaway or delivery service?

Why not, this is a good way of increasing your income without increasing your expenses. You could even offer a service where people have the option of getting a discount on food dishes you have left over at the end of service, rather than wasting it , there an app for that you know #togoodtogo or like The Inception Group has, offer take away cocktails.

5. If you have a delivery service are you paying a commission?

If so speak to the company you work with to see if you can decrease this commission, it can’t hurt to ask and you might be able to make a saving.

6. Check your freezer:

Now is the time to be using your freezer, if you have stock in there get creative and come up with some new dishes that don’t involve purchasing anything you don’t already have. Alternatively take advantage of some offers and use your freezer to make the products go further

7. Stock Control:

Make sure your employees are operating a first in first out process, ensuring you don’t end up with wasted or short dated stock. If you do find short dates stock run offers or come up with dishes, drinks and cocktails to use up this stock.

And above all don’t listen to all the naysayers out there we as an industry can make it happen #wemakeeventshappen

#bighospitality #wingingit

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