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Recipe Costing and Allergens

Why is recipe costing important?

Accurate recipe costing for your dishes you can ensure that you are selling each dish not only at the right price, but most importantly at a decent profit. It is extremely useful for all the team to know which dishes make the best margin and/or the most profit, so they can recommend these to customers.


With detailed recipes and clear photographs you team has a far better chance of delivering a consistent food offering every day of the week, irrespective of who is working in the kitchen.


Do you need accurate allergen information 

It is now a requirement to be able to give customers accurate information regarding the ingredients in each dish on your menu, the ability to be able to make the same recipe to the same method with the same ingredients is vital for complying with these regulations and having a robust process in place for documenting this information is very important.

Our Bundles and Services

Recipe Costing & Allergens Bundle:

The recipe costing allergen template includes the following 4 templates:

  • Suppliers Price List

  • Recipe Costing

  • Recipe Specification

  • Allergen Chart

This easy to use template allow you to cost all your recipes and produce recipe specifications and an allergy chart template that can easily be printed out for you employees and  customers.

The templates within this bundle are linked this allows the bundle to use this information you entered on the supplier price list template to be used to work out the recipe costings and to produce the recipe specifications and the allergens chart. In fact the allergens are worked out automatically from your recipe costings so this eliminates a particularly frustrating step.

We can also personalise your documents to ensure they are in keeping with your branding.

Please use the following link to view a read only copy of Recipe Costing and Allergens Bundle

Our Services


There is also the option of retaining our services to populate and maintain this bundle for you freeing up your time and  ensure you are legally compliant with the allergen regulations.

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