Checking Inventory


Stock Control one of the most important processes within any business. It is as important as cash control, why would you count your cash and not your stock.

Stock control systems allow business to:

• Measure how well a product is performing against others.

• Become efficient at ordering and forecasting stock levels.

• Keep up to date with your current purchase prices and lets you see when they are creeping up.

• Uncover and eliminate theft within the business.

• Calculate how much your stock costs to buy, what price to sell it at, and how much you have on your site.

• Ascertain accurate gross profit margins for your products.

• Maintain gross profit levels or find out why you are not hitting your targets.

• Know what stock you have in your building and when it’s due to go out of date.

• Discover dead stock: seeing how long you’ve had particular products on hand for, helps you to determine which items sell and which don’t. 

Our Bundles and Services

Stocktaking software can be expensive which is why we have developed a stock control excel template download for business to implement an effective stock control procedure.


Stock Control Basic Bundle

Our basic stock control bundle is designed to enable you to easily input your stock count and work out your gross profit and gross profit margin to esnure your business is profitable. Included is:

  • Overview Sheet

  • Supplier Price List

  • Stock Count

  • Input Sheets

  • Count Sheets

Linking these documents allows this template to easy tale your stock count input and collate it so you can see how much stock you are holding and the cost related to ensure that you are not holding more stock than necessary. You can also track where you have items that are not selling and what are your best selling items, which in turn helps you know what you need to purchase.

Please use the following link to view a read only copy of Stock Control Basic Bundle 

Stock Control Advanced Bundle

Our advanced stock control bundle does everything that the basic bundle does, however it also has the ability to work out your theoretical stock, this allows you to track individual stock lines to see if the stock that you have on site is what you are expecting.

This bundle is more indepth and requires more setting up if you want it to run of the sales reports your till system produces.

External stocktake visit

 Our stocktake team will come to you and carry out the stocktake with you. This includes:

  • A four hour site visit

  • Stock Count

  • Analysis and Feedback  

This visit is subject to terms and conditions, please speak to a member of our team for more informaion regardin this service

We tailor all our services to your needs, if you need an external stocktaking team we can help, or if you need the software to implement the procedures yourselves, our documents allow you to enter your stocktake and view your Gross Profit and GP Margins to ensure that your forecasted margins are being attained.

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